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Opiekun Studenckiego Koła Naukowego "Sensor"

Current activity at the University:

Fundamentals of electric circuits (or Circuit Theory) (Podstawy elektrotechniki- lecturer. Two-semester course for Electronics and Telecommunication Students. The course has also exercises and laboratory prepared by the Team. 

  • First semester laboratory exercises:
    • Fundamental electric laws (Kirchhoff's laws, Ohm's law, voltage divider, current divider)
    • Superposition theorem
    • Thevenin & Norton equivalent circuits (maximum power transfer condition)
    • Multiport circuits (matrix R and G description and measure)
    • Nonlinear circuits (circuits with LED, equivalent current-voltage characteristics)
  • Second semester laboratory exercises:
    • Transients in the first order circuits (the laboratory includes approximation of the time domain function)
    • Transients in the second order circuits
    • Non-zero initial conditions
    • Resonant circuits (series and parallel resonances)
    • AC domain analysis
    • Transients in the transmission line (also includes standing wave phenomena)

Fundamental of Signal Processing (Podstawy Przetwarzania Sygnałów) - lecturer. One-semester course for Electronics and Telecommunications Students. The course laboratory contains the following subjects:

  • Fourier series representation of periodic signals
  • Response of linear circuits on the periodic waveforms (includes Laplace transform)
  • Fourier Transform (the Continues Time Fourier Transform)
  • Fundamental parameters: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), waveform factor (FF), crest factor (CR), Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), noise factor (F)
  • Nonlinear transformation of periodic signals (introduction to modulation)
  • Analog modulations: AM, FM, PM, AM-SC, AM-SSB, ASK (amplitude shift keying), FSK, PSK
  • Sampling theorem (signals representation, Kotelnikow-Shannon-Nyquist theorem, aliasing phenomena)
  • Discrete Time Fourier Transform

Lecture materials for educational purpose can be found on my YouTube channel! Unfortunately, the video are mainly in Polish and rarely update.

Core subjects for Macrofaculty Students:
  • Circuit Theory,
  • Signal processing and communications (English language course),
Other subjects for 1st and 2nd level students:
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Computer analysis of electronic circuits,
  • Introduction to computer programming,
  • Introduction to informatics.
  • Test systems using LabVIEW package (elective course)
  • Biometric devices (elective course)